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April 8, 2010

Causes of Dog Dandruff

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What Causes Dogs to Get Dandruff?


This little puppy had a severe case of dandruff

Can dogs get dandruff? Yes, they can and dog dandruff is very much similar to the dandruff that humans get and it is quite easily treatable with quality medicated pet shampoo.

The best type of shampoo would be a specifically formulated  dog dandruff shampoo.  Before we discuss the effect of dandruff shampoo on them let us have a look at what causes dogs to get dandruff?  Dog dandruff happens due to piling of dead and dry skin cells of the skin that usually sheds naturally. It causes dog itchy skin and you would often find your pet scratching its skin with its paw nails. Because pets are not bathed more often and only in couple of days usually during weekends when are off from work, they dandruff builds up and become more noticeable. Moreover dog itchy skin due to dry skin makes the pet scratch skins heavily. This scratching leads to dandruff coming to the surface of body hair thus making them more visible.

Thus, piling of dead and dry skin cells is the main cause of causing dogs dandruff and dog itchy skin.   In general dandruff in your pets is treatable and controllable. Daily brushing and regular baths with dog dandruff shampoo can help eliminate the problem of pet dandruff.   While choosing such anti-dandruff shampoo make sure that it also contains moisturizing and conditioning effect on the body hair and skin of the dog.  Puppy dandruff is also a very common condition amongst young dogs and can be effectively treated as well.

Besides using good quality dog dandruff shampoo, home remedies for pet dandruff include application and rubbing of vegetable oil and olive oil on the dog’s skin at least once a week. Such treatment doesn’t make the dead skin cells dry up and break into minute particles of dandruff.   Rather they remain settled on the skin invisible and wash off when the dog is bathed.   Keeping the skin of the dog moisturized and brushing the hair of your pet regularly is the best way to keep off dandruff problem. Also make sure that your pet is provided enough liquid to keep the skin healthy and oily.

A great treatment option for dog dandruff is to use a medicated dog shampoo along with a daily digestive enzyme supplement.  You will see noticeable results in a few weeks time.

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