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January 15, 2011

Dog Dandruff Treatments Review

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Annual Best Dog Dandruff Shampoo & Treatments Review

Well it is that time of the year again when we do our annual review of the best dog dandruff treatments options available on the market. This year we are including the term treatment as we have found a great solution that combines a shampoo with a supplement. before we get  into our choice, let’s first discuss how we conducted the evaluations.

To begin with we need to define dog dandruff as there are so many dog skin problems exist it is important to understand our criteria. We consider dog’s dandruff to to include any (not all) of following conditions

What we consider to be dog dandruff symptoms and signs

  1. fairly constant dry itchy skin
  2. fairly constant scratching in a general area of the body, or on a large portion of the body
  3. flaking (much like human dandruff)
  4. build up of dead skin cells (the appearance is very similar flaking)
  5. dermatitis or eczema

Here is what we do not consider to be symptoms of canine dandruff:

  1. Isolated hot spots- typically these are small sores sometimes red, associated with severe loss of fur in the isolated area
  2. Dog Yeast Infection – a sure sign of a canine yeast infection is a foul smell
  3. Warts, Acne, and Pimples.

The Winner

So for everyone who simply wants to know what the best dog dandruff treatment option is for 2010, it is RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo and SkinPlex Digestive Enzymes available at dandruff treatment options.   Their  remedy includes a great all natural medicated dog shampoo, skin enzymes (which are sprinkled over the dogs food), and a healing & moisturizing silk protein spray; called RenuPlex Silk Protein Spray.

Before we contacted Evolution about the products we tested them individually and then as a group.  We found that the shampoo did a great job reducing flaking, scratching, and itching but is about half of the dogs (we  safely tested on 24 dogs!) some lesser form a dandruff did come back within 2 to 3 weeks.   When we used the shampoo along with the SkinPlex Enzymes the dog dandruff and its symptoms continually reduced and on average by week 3 there were no more signs or symptoms; and they did not return.   With respect to the spray it did a great job providing “ in between bath” skin  moisturizing and healing.

So after our tests we called Evolution to discuss the products and they indicated that they have good success witht the medicated dog shampoo because it contains zinc-pca which is a all natural element very effective and safe at treating dog dandruff. In fact after the call we did our own research on zonc-pca and found it to be one of the best (and safest) remedies for not only dandruff, but also dermatitis, can atopic dermatitis in humans. After making some more calls we found that not many brand name shampoos (human and pet) use zinc-pca because it is so expensive; regardless there are a few manufacturers that do use it.

The medicated dog shampoo RenuPlex also is formulated with aloe-vera juice and almost no water.  That gives it great moisturizing powers.   It also contains Calendula , spearmint leaf extract, peppermint leaf extract, rosemary, lavender, and a few other natural ingredients that are great at healing damaged skin and re balancing the sebum gland, which is the cause of most dog dandruff conditions.

Next we looked at the enzymes, called SkinPlex.  Enzymes have been used for years as a treatment for dog skin problems and have been very effective.  Evolution added Omega 3 and 6 to theirs giving it a boost which appears to be working.  o why do they enzymes provide the permanent relief as opposed to just using the shampoo?  Well, as we found out by speaking with veterinarians, most dog’s have digestive problems absorbing all of the nutrients in there food, regardless of the quality of food they receive.   This is because there lineage is tied to pact animals who ate raw meats.   As a result their  skin and coat suffer deficiencies and dandruff like symptoms.  The enzymes, act to boost the absorption of these nutrients allowing a dog’s skin and their coat to receive the needed nutrients.  The result is that there problems, like dog dandruff go away.

So in conclusion, we recommend RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo and SkinPlex Diegstive Enzymes as the best Treatment for Dogs Dandruff.

We also evaluated Comfy Dog, NuVet, Vetonix, Perfect Coat, and Hartz.  We will be providing our conclusions on these in the upcoming posts.  But in the mean time our clear winner was indeed RenuPlex and SkinPlex as the best dog dandruff treatment choice!

Please let us know what other pet products you would like reviewed in addition to this review on dogs dandruff!

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